Monday, April 11

Sewing Brilliance

It was a brilliant idea.  BRILLIANT. 

My husband had used this old sheet blanket, folded up, as a cover for my son's dresser.  But the way he did it had it slipping into the drawers and hanging a foot off each side.

So I took to my craft room to fix it.  I would make it fit so hubby would be happy the wood was protected and son would no longer be annoyed by it slipping around.

BRILLIANT idea, I tell ya!  Are you ready for this?

That's right, I was going to sew dresser covers with non-slip drawer liner to keep them in place.  WHOO HOO!!!  Amazing!  I dont know how I come up with this stuff!!!

So here I am all ready to start.  I have my machine, sheet blanket, drawer liner, cutting mat, project plans.

I cut according to the plan measurments.  I piled the layers.  I pinned it together.

I have many layers.  The lowest layer is an inch bigger on each side than the other layers, the extra to be used as a border.  Then two padding layers and then the brilliant non-slip drawer liner. 

Next step: sewing!

HAHAHAHAHAHA  Seriously, have you ever tried to run non-slip stuff through a sewing machine? 
It sticks to the machine and wont "slip" through the presser foot. 


Oh it was brilliance in concept, it just had a few fatal flaws in construction.

I struggled to force the material layers through the machine, even raising the foot to get more clearance.  It wasnt going so well.

Needless to say that by the time I got to the second cover I left out the non-slip liner and just sewed a cover.  MUCH easier. 

Here is second completed cover.  It isnt anywhere close to perfect... let's blame that on the stretchy material... but the wood is covered and there is no way it is going to slip around.

You can see it doesnt lay quite flat.  Whoops.

The edges are a total mess.  But the non-slip is keeping it from going anywhere.

Lesson learned:  Never, ever, try to run non-slip drawer liner through the sewing machine.


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