Friday, May 14

Pet Peeves

My biggest Pet Peeve? Stuff piling up. Whether it is my pile or someone else's pile, it doesn't matter. It still bothers me.
  • Magazines on the floor by the toilet rather than in the hanging magazine holder.

  • Stuff I am moving out of one room and into another that got too heavy and has now been living in the hallway... and is growing as others add to the collection (note the plug and wires on the floor).

  • These great plastic drawers I bought 2 years ago for the kids to stow their school papers... on a chair in the dining room because I dont know where to put them anymore.

  • Pillows from my FIL's house that have no home here and bedding from my daughter who recently decided Pink is no longer in.

  • Husband's dresser... It gets his attention when it starts to fall off onto him, otherwise I dont think this stuff ever moves once it lands there.

  • Goodwill donation pile... that might get there faster if it was put in my trunk?
  • And then there is the huge, growing pile of things at the top of the stairs, waiting for me to take them down, someday when I feel like going up and down repeatedly.

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