Monday, October 26

Busy week of TO-DOs

I have a ton of stuff to do this week, especially because we were all in bed with the flu *all week* last week. Unfortunately, I am still lacking motivation... but at this point, I am going to get it done with or without motivation. It needs to get done!
  1. Before the freeze, bring inside all gallon buckets of paint. *we found out this spring that latex paint, even in FULL GALLONS can freeze and turn completely useless*
  2. Call the lab to complain about my blood tests from 6/23/09, the results of which were never forwarded to either me or my doctor.
  3. Empty Master Bedroom to deep clean and paint.
  4. Reorganize bedroom furniture as refilling room... for more productivity since it is also my office/craft room for the next few months -at least-
  5. Finish painting the front door. OK, so the sun was in my eyes and I stopped before I finished. That isnt so bad until you know that I started it in MAY.
  6. Shopping at Sams Club for fall freezer frenzy.
  7. Run weekly errands including post office and bank.
  8. Download and install new parental control program on all PCs.
  9. Finish sorting through teenager's room looking for stuff she should no longer have access to... then put everything away.
  10. Finish cleaning storage closet. Half of its contents are not even in it because of my last attempt to clean it.
  11. Winterize the garage by cleaning, storing, labeling. Take old items to donate. Move freezer to basement *because we also learned this year that freezers now-a-days require a minimum exterior temperature of 47 degrees to properly function*
  12. Install new mouldings around exterior doors -that were chewed up by the dog-
  13. Start and finish sewing projects including 3 roman shades, 2 pillows, a dresser topper, an apron, adjusting the width of 2 valances and sewing a little sumtin' sumtin' onto the little one's curtains to fancy-shmancy them up a bit.
  14. I have 4 projects on hold because I need to measure before I can buy supplies. I need to measure and purchase supplies before the weekend.
  15. Paint trim wood and beadboard.
  16. We still do not have costumes for this year, so I need to purchase those and successfully get out of the store without buying anything else.
  17. DID I MENTION all of this has to happen with 2 kids off school the last of the week for 2 days? AND DID I MENTION that I also have to facilitate 3-5 appointments for daughter who is still out-of-state with Aunt... including travel arrangements from there (Ohio) to here (Wisconsin) for the appointments.
  18. Oh, and lets not forget that if I am purchasing food for the freezer, I also have to frenzy to get it ready for storage... so insert another couple days of cooking, packaging and freezing.
  19. I need to finish trimming the dog. I trimmed her face and 3 paws, but she was farting (hense today's joke) and let her go. She needs the remaining paw trimmed, the nails on the two back paws filed down and a bath.
  20. This is all completely without mentioning that I am in the MIDDLE of a huge scrapbook project (whoops, I guess I just mentioned it)...

How much of it do you think I can accomplish? Hmmm? I dont even know the answer to that... but I do know that I am committed to checking back in with you everyday to let you know. Stick with me. Together we will do great things this week!Photobucket

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