Friday, January 16

Declutter Fridays -January 16

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! You have to get out of the kitchens... You are killing me!

You make me feel guilty about all the kitchen stuff I have and keep. Grrrrr.

Ok, for the rest of you, Marcia at Organizing Queen has us decluttering our kitchens in January. I am fighting it. I like my kitchen stuff. I use my kitchen stuff. ALL of it! This week the theme is plates and dishes. So I am forced to confess that plates are my weakness. I have enough plates to feed at least 4 dozen people at the same time. The shame of it!
There is a method to this plate madness... or at least that is my story and I am sticking to it! See, I have a set of 6 everyday plates. I have 5 of another and 3 of a third set of plates we used everyday when they were full sets but now only use as back-ups. I have a set of 8 that belonged to my mother and the remaining 3 of another century old set, neither set is being used because I am trying to avoid any additional chips in them... when the kids are bigger, I will use them again. I have clear colored glass plates because I love glass. I have a set of 16 china plates for special occasions. My oh my!
I have dessert plates and soup bowls, tea cups and saucers. I have dessert bowls. I have serving platters and bowls.
Here is the deal: I agree to get rid of the 2 partial sets of every day plates (and accompanying saucers, cups, mugs and dessert plates) in return for 6 more plates (plates only) to match my other everyday stuff. With 6 family members, I need enough everyday dishes to use a set while a set washes. OK... I will let you know when that happens. Until then, share my guilt with these tell-all photos.

Does it look like a restaurant kitchen? Just wait until I show you the coffee mug cupboard. I don't even drink coffee!
Now, due to my deep-seated guilt over the plates, ease my conscience and show me your plates. Post a comment on Mr Linky at Marcia's blog. Click Here.

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