Wednesday, December 10

Get your head outta there!

That is what I keep telling myself... "Anne, Get your head outta your a**. It doesnt belong in there!" But apparently I like the view or something.

No, really. I got laid off 2 weeks ago and I am wallowing. WALLOWING. You read correctly. Sure, I can say that I dont feel good, but there isnt a day that I DO feel good, so wtf. I can say that I am tired, but could that be because I stayed up all night playing Slots or Mahjong online?

I must be wallowing. I dont want to do anything. I dont answer my phone, I dont leave the house, I have no drive to create, I dont even want to watch TV. OMG!

So, Get your head outta there, Anne! Get excited! Get motivated! Get Going!


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